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Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic Free Download

free download

Play audio and video files using the multiformat Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic is a media player application that is fast, lightweight, does not require installation and hassle-free. It can play video as well as audio files in almost all formats.

This media player is one good example of being highly functional without being complicated.

Media Player Classic Features

Clean and without distracting elements, Media Player Classic's interface may seem to have taken inspiration from the old versions of the media player created by Windows. But apart from this comparison, the real deal is that Media Player Classic and Microsoft’s own player do not have anything in common at all.

Don't be surprised by the look of its interface, as Media Player Classic can play majority of widely-known formats and contains an impressive lineup of features compared to other media player apps available.

Media Player Classic is capable of playing your favorite DVD movies and supporting subtitles. Another thing to consider is that it can even capture video frames and support any video file containing multiple audio tracks.

Similar alternatives to Media Player Classic

There are numerous similar utilities that users can choose from. One of the most commonly used players today is VLC Media Player. Compared to Media Player Classic, the latter supports almost all formats. Another option is RealPlayer, though it’s not as lightweight as other media players.


Media Player Classic is the usual choice among users who do not prefer complexities in terms of features. All in all, it is a simple yet full-packed application with multiple format support and useful advanced features.


  • Support for various formats
  • Also plays movies in DVD format
  • Supports subtitles
  • Simple installation


  • Very basic in terms of interface
  • Not too many advanced functions

free download


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